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Our Strength


1. Industry-Specific 

As an industry-specific, a one-stop Singapore-based workforce solutions provider, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of all aspects of our customers’ businesses in the hotel and resort, F&B and retail sectors. We have good reputation in providing manpower outsourcing services over the years. We have the ability to source and identify candidates with the requisite credentials to meet our customers’ needs in a timely manner so as to streamline their human resources management processes. Furthermore, we are able to satisfy our customers’ demand for our manpower services through the adjustment of deployment of full-time, part-time staff and freelance contractor in a flexible manner.


2. Pre-employment and On-the-job Training 

We place emphasis on recruiting and retaining skillful, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and also on monitoring quality of services provided to our customers in the hotel and resort, F&B and retail sectors. To ensure that the selected candidates are of reasonable standard of skills, reliability and fit for the role requested by our customers, they will undergo training courses to enhance their skills and knowledge.


3. Local and Overseas Offices 

With strong market recognition as a reliable provider of high quality manpower, we have good reputation in providing manpower outsourcing services. Today, we continue to grow both locally and internationally. We had active partnership agreements with a total of 26 overseas agencies, from China, Korea and Taiwan.


4. Knowledgeable and Committed Staff 

We have a strong team who has extensive experience in the workforce solutions market. Our staffs are adequately trained in areas related to human resources, such as labour relations, human resources management and labour laws in Singapore. We ensure that we are able to satisfy customers’ demand for our manpower services and deliver the best results in the shortest time possible.


5. Post Recruitment Services and Support 

To ensure a smooth, hassle-free and efficient recruitment process for our valued customers, we provide a range of value-added services, such as comprehensive training of selected candidates prior deployment, and also address our customer feedback promptly to ensure our staff and freelance contractors are able to meet our customer service contract obligations. We would also arrange the necessary documentation, medical insurance, security bonds, medical check-ups, work permits, if required, on behalf of our customers.